Zoological Dabblings

Sometimes, rather than discussing politics or philosophy, my posts are pictures of animals and discussion of their interesting features. This has a rather tangential relationship to the rest of the blog, but then I have a rather tangential relationship to myself.

This mainly involves mammals of various sorts, and on sundays I have a mammalfest, which is exactly what it sounds like.

In particular, February 2009 was official Mongoose Month, so it contained posts on every species of mongoose (adopting a definition that excludes the Euplerids, the madagascan mongoose-like carnivores):

The Marsh Mongoose The Kusimanses The Common Dwarf Mongoose The Ethiopian Dwarf Mongoose The White-Tailed Mongoose The Banded and Gambian Mongooses The Meerkat The Yellow Mongoose The Slender Mongooses The Egyptian Mongoose Some rare mongooses The bushy-tailed and Jackson’s Mongooses The Indian Mongooses The Indonesian Mongooses The Stripe-Necked and Crab-Eating Mongooses The Ruddy and Long-Nosed Mongooses

and… All-Time Top Five Mongooses

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