This is DirectionlessBones, the blog of Alderson Warm-Fork, an unreliable but enthusiastic cleromancer – one who divines hidden truths from observing the directions in which bones fall. All the views promoted herein derive from a small bag of grubby brittle bones, and no other source.

The information that the bones give focuses on roughly four topics: philosophy, politics, political philosophy, and zoology (mainly mongooses).

The political views implied by the reading so far appear to be anarchist, communist, feminist, and animal rights-ist. Anti-racism and anti-imperialism come up from time to time. The philosophy propounded can best be described as Marxihegelian, Spinozico-Kantian phenomenological ontology, if that helps. The zoology mainly focuses on cute but interesting mammals.

Since such noble ideas as ‘communism’ or ‘anarchism’ are frequently misconstrued or misrepresented, the pages at the top of the screen aim to give a brief outline of where we’re coming from. They are not authoritative statements on behalf of all anarchists or all animal-rights-ists, they are statements of what the terms mean to the bones.

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