Bdeogale: More Secret Mongooses

Jacksons Mongoose

Jackson's Mongoose

The final Africa-constrained genus of mongooses is Bdeogale, who are, like those in the last mongoose-related post, very rare. Indeed Jackson’s mongoose (Bdeogale jacksoni) is possibly the rarest carnivore in Africa. It and the related bushy-tailed mongoose (Bdeogale crassicauda) are riddles, wrapped in mysteries, inside enigmas. They also live in Kenya and Tanzania-type area, in the forests (it’s easier to be inside an enigma inside a forest). The black-footed mongoose (Bdeogale nigripes) is a little more common – merely a riddle wrapped in a mystery, outside an enigma. It dwells further west, around Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo and Angola.

Bushy-Tailed Mongoose
Bushy-Tailed Mongoose

All three species look fairly similar; dark fur, fully black on the legs, with bushy, fox-like tails. All appear to be largely nocturnal, terrestrial, and solitary.

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