Fluff: People find me when they are looking for octopus skeletons.

Hmm. I felt I should post something but I don’t really have the energy. That’s been true for the last weeks now, which is why my frequency of posting has declined relative to the previous months. This is likely to continue for a while yet, but hopefully posts will turn up every now and again.

I particularly felt like I should have posted for at least one of: Halloween, Guy Fawkes’ day, the anniversary of the October Revolution, and Remembrance Day. Maybe I will. But probably you will just have to decide for yourselves what to think. Actually that said I recall writing something about remembrance day last year at a previous location so I may paste that up.

In the meantime, why don’t I share some of the search terms by which people have found this blog?

In the last month, I’ve been found by fully 30 people searching “take over the world”, for whom I regret having no useful advice.

I’ve also got a dozen or so people searching “octopus skeleton pictures”, for whom I regret that nobody will ever grant them what they desire.

Perhaps more worryingly, several people have come here through searching “octopus sex”. O_O

They were joined by a single individual looking for “cross species sex youtubes”. *sigh*

There have also been half a dozen or so people with search terms such as “black man controls white man’s wife” and “arabs in control of white women”.

But perhaps the oddest fetish that I seem to have attracted attention from is “incomprehensible bdsm stories”. I can understand why someone might want bdsm stories, but incomprehensible ones? It sounds like needlessly putting yourself through tiring, difficult, and even painful ordeals just for the sa- ah.

Search terms less unsettling than just odd include:

“ugly fox”, “suspicious mongoose”, “how does capitalism exploit Znet”, “christmas thoughts”, and “naked complex” (better than naked simple, I imagine).

But probably the most worrying of all is – well, I’ve posted about the star-nosed mole, and some people find me by searching for that. And I’ve also posted about the naked mole rat, and some people find me by searching for that.

But just yesterday I noticed in my blog stats: “star nosed mole rat”.

To whoever is researching this possibility – combining the only eusocial mammal with the fastest-eating mammal – I beg you, reconsider. The possible consequences don’t bear thinking about.

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