Does this make me a killjoy?

At a rally for cheaper education. A chant starts up:

“The students! united! will never be defeated!”

My first thought: Wait, is that true? No, that’s not remotely true. You could easily get all the students together and have the rest of society crush them with impunity.

My second thought: In fact, doesn’t that drain all significance from the original chant, ‘the workers, united, will never be defeated’? The significance being, that it’s actually true, and that disunity and disorganisation of the working class is a necessary condition for capitalism.

But now apparently any group with a cause to push is happy to declare itself the invincible revolutionary agent. *sigh*…

2 Responses to “Does this make me a killjoy?”

  1. socratessociety Says:

    Well, ‘The students, when relatively more united, have a slightly (but not insignificantly) smaller chance of being defeated’ doesn’t scan nearly as well. And a slogan is not (or does not function primarily as) a proposition, but rather as the expression (evincing?) of an attitude as a stimulant to the will. Well but I guess you know that already, and you have a deeper point (and the second thought is probably kind of true) but surely the proper response is the old optimism of the will + pessimism of intellect chestnut…

    The second thought stands of course.

  2. rumblegumption Says:

    Oops, sorry, wrong WordPress a/c.


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