This is just a note. I don’t have time for a proper post right now, but there are several planned, including the third part of my thoughts on retribution, which will hopefully connect up with my posts on Foucault somehow. I’m also hoping to write something about the ‘argument from evil’ and theistic responses, and about communist individualism against capitalist collectivism.

In the meantime, mongooses!

A meerkat Two dwarf mongooses

2 Responses to “Update”

  1. Julia Says:

    Hello Alderson,

    I am a senior in college working on my thesis. I happened upon your blog and found many of your pieces very thought provoking. I am writing about humanitarianism in sub-Saharan Africa and the political and moral paradoxes involved in the re-establishing of the power dynamics that humanitarianism supposedly attempts to undo. I have been working with writing by Nietzsche, Foulcault, Peter Singer, Garrett Hardin and others and was hoping you might be able to recommend any other pieces you have come across that could be interesting for my arguments.

    Thank you for your thoughts!



  2. Alderson Warm-Fork Says:

    Hey Julia, glad you liked them. Um, not sure if I can suggest much that you’ve not already come across, although Richard Seymour writes extensively about humanitarianism and its links with imperialism and war (he writes Lenin’s Tomb, in my blogroll) from a Marxist/SWP (don’t know how much that acronym conveys to you, haha) perspective.

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