Is Heterosexuality Unnatural?

I often suspect that heterosexuality isn’t natural.

Homosexuality too, of course. That’s not to say anyone should try to change, or that people of any particular sexuality are ‘better’ or ‘more normal’ or anything. Just a speculative supposition that in a future better society, bisexuality will be the baseline, and a preference for only male or only female partners will be just that, a preference, no more permanent or profound or absolute than a preference for only red-haired, only intellectual, or only slender partners.

Why do I think this? Obviously I have no great confidence, I know as little as the average human about the factors that produce human desire, but the basic ground of my suspicion is this: heterosexuality (I’ll focus on that because it’s my own case, this applies to homosexuality as well) seems to be quite alien to how attraction and desire work otherwise.

What I mean is that being attracted to women isn’t like being attracted to any other particular feature, because all other features are influenced by context and the whole in which they appear. That is – perhaps I like small noses, but I might still find myself attracted to a woman with a large nose, and the key thing is that if I really like her, I don’t like her in spite of her large nose but actually because of it.

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