Passover is as Disgusting as Easter

So today is the first day of ‘Passover’, and while it’s not enormously mature, I felt impelled to point out what a horrible affair the whole thing is, like almost all religious ceremonies.

Let’s set aside all the lambs who have been sacrificed on this day across history, and focus on the story that’s here commemorated. It begins with a confluence of class and tribal oppression; the Israelites in Egypt were enslaved, and specifically were enslaved as Israelites. But the majority of egyptians were also enslaved (my knowledge of Ancient Egyptian politics is sketchy, so I’m using ‘enslaved’ in a broad sense).

So how would the most sensible, ethical, and compassionate being in the universe deal with this intersection of oppressions? Maybe by encouraging unity and co-operation between oppressed Egyptians and oppressed Israelites? Maybe by shining Divine Light into their hearts so that they could live together peacefully and overthrow their common oppressors?

Nope. The morally perfect creator of the universe manifested Itself through vicious assaults on one section of the oppressed, in order to put pressure on their rulers to grant freedom to another section.

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