Some Facts

This is meant to be principally a philosophy blog, so forgive this brief interlude to focus on relatively un-processed facts.


1) someone has died during yesterday’s protests;

2) the police have claimed that while trying to help him, they were pelted with bottles by protesters;

3) the police have a long and established history of lying, lying, and then lying some more about deaths that they cause;

4) many major news sources are reporting that “police trying to help the man were pelted with bottles” and not that “police claim that they were pelted with bottles while trying to help the man”;

5) most other sources would, in my personal estimation, probably be quoted and put in quote marks, especially if it had a long history of lying;

6) the figure of the masked black-wearer is often used as a symbol of menace and unfriendliness;

7) in my very personal experience yesterday, masked black-wearers were very often the first to offer help to those who had been injured or were being harassed or arrested.

That is all.

Edited to add:

8. The noun ‘bottle’ can apply both to glass objects, which are heavy, hard and rigid, and plastic objects, which are light, soft, and flexible, and also to both objects filled with liquid and to empty objects.

9) There appeared, in my very limited experience yesterday, to be at least a good few empty plastic bottles being thrown, though also at least one glass bottle (which was thrown late at night in the scuffles outside, not inside, the camp).

One Response to “Some Facts”

  1. Duncan Says:

    Since clear details about this poor blokes untimely death have yet to emerge the police have grabbed a golden opportunity to smear the protests.

    Anyone with a long memory, or who reads a bit of history, will know that on a larger scale this is exactly the same trick they pulled at Hillsborough and exactly the same newspapers ran with the story.

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