What did one bunch of spies say to the other?

Sky news today devoted about 60% of its news time to the following story: the ISI (Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence) have provided the UK with a list of 20 young British men who had travelled to Pakistan and ‘aroused suspicion’ that they intended to do unspeakable things. This comes conveniently just after the UK glared at Pakistan and told it’s government (reeling from an internal political spat) to be more co-operative.

Interestingly, the grim-faced and serious-voiced reporters never mentioned the possibility that either government might be lying or just making stuff up. Because we know our government would never lie to us. Because the ISI are not a prime suspect for helping to organise the Mumbai attacks. Because none of our allies, Asian, European, or American, have been blowing up residential areas in Pakistan on the pretext of ‘war on terror’.

Now that I think of it, I don’t think there’s more than a handful of individuals I know personally who I trust less than the ISI.

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