I have three hands

Today, on the one hand, we have a new ad idea: a bus stop where the seats are actually scales, so when you sit down, the poster shows your weight! So now you, without having asked for it, have had a fact about you broadcast to everyone else at the bus stop. And wherever you go, the ups and downs of your weight will be repeatedly conveyed to you. How convenient! How dystopian!

On the other hand, anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, and about a third of those who survive will experience serious physical problems for life. Moreover, ‘dieting’, rapid changes in weight, and sustained deprivation of food have been found to produce, even in ‘healthy’ subjects, neurotic symptoms, obsessions, depressions, and life-long suppressions of immune function.

On the third hand, the UK continues to claim that it not just is against, but actively criminalises, “assisting suicide”.

2 Responses to “I have three hands”

  1. freethinker Says:

    Always a delight to read about the contradictions within the conservative discourse!

  2. Alderson Warm-Fork Says:


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