Abolition and Reform

This article is painfully depressing:

“I see my decision to return to meat as part of a bigger change in Britain’s food culture. We’ve shifted away from the old-school “meat is murder” approach, and now well-sourced meat is seen as healthy and natural

We’ve been swayed by Jamie, Hugh and Gordon. They seem to love animals, yet have no trouble killing well- brought up specimens and putting them in a pie.

The Food Standards Agency in Britain states that the number of people eating a partly or completely veggie diet fell from 9 per cent in 2007 to 7 per cent in 2008.”

This is an important point: animal welfare campaigns, attempts to distinguish ‘bad meat’ from ‘happy meat’, to bring in all sorts ot certifications to distract from the fact that it is, at bottom, still about turning a living thing into a commodity and violating it – all this ‘humane’ activity makes it easier for people to not be vegetarian.

Effort that animal advocates put into reformist campaigns have actively strengthened the meat industry. And this shouldn’t surprise us, because they constantly and endlessly explain that the reforms they want will benefit the industry, because they are more ‘efficient’ or produce ‘better’ meat.

The same is roughly how I feel about a campaign currently being pushed by London Citizens, called “Strangers into Citizens“. It’s a campaign for an amnesty for illegal immigrants, if they meet a series of conditions, and it explicitly promises that it will “help to enforce a stricter immigration policy”.

My bone-castings clearly indicate that in the future, when border controls have been abolished, it will be widely recognised that this campaign, if successful, was not “a step towards” open borders, but a strengthening of the border controls system.

Abolitionism does not mean being all-or-nothing. It doesn’t mean rejecting the idea of ‘gradual’ change. It means that the gradual change that is needed is a gradual weakening, a disassembly piece by piece, of the targetted system, not a reconfiguration that internally strengthens it.

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