Hooray for the Sex Workers! Hooray for the Bulgarians!

Crap, it’s International Sex Workers’ Rights day. And I didn’t even know. Damn wikipedia doesn’t list it, although it does inform me that today is Bulgarian Liberation Day.

And I don’t got nothing intelligent to say. I could probably make some vague remarks about sex work, but I will confine myself to noting that sex workers deserve support, that people generally are the most authoritative speakers on their own experience and should be listened to, though at the same time we shouldn’t neglect the vast number of people who are in the sex industry as slaves, not workers (many of them being trafficked through Bulgaria, actually). And remember that under capitalism, even workers are wage-slaves. And also that even sex workers who have a substantial degree of control over their work within the industry, are often exposed to a lot of oppression from outside, such as from police. Who we should abolish, as my last post argues. They are often total cocks to sex workers.

Also, good for you, Bulgaria? I know little about Bulgarian history but will offer a heartfelt wish for the health and happiness of all Bulgarians. Especially for the sex workers there. And a related wish for the emancipation of the sex slaves there. Along with the emancipation of everybody.

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