The Bastard-Government in Italy Evokes Historical Parallels

The right-wing Italian Prime Minister has suggested sending the army onto the streets to fight crime, because more violence-prone thugs is definitely the solution, nothing wishy-washy like opportunities or racial equality.

What caught my attention was this:

“Mr Berlusconi suggested the extra deployment of troops in response to the highly publicised cases of two women reportedly gang raped near Rome.”

This reminded me very strongly of Susan Brownmiller’s chapter on race in her book ‘Against Our Will: Men, Women, and Rape’. She describes how in the American south, black men raping white women served as a central theme in racial conflict, especially in justifying white men’s violence against black men.

She describes both how the over-inflated idea of such rape was taken out of all context and used to justify racism, and also how that racism was then used by many leftists and black agitators to downplay or dismiss the significance of actual rapes. She also describes how a good few black male writers, articulating their racial disenfranchisement, admitted that the sexual conquest of white women, forcible or otherwise, occupied a particular place in the racial landscape for them too, as the most telling blow they could strike against white men.

All these attitudes must be resisted in regards to the Italian situation. Rape is a crime overwhelmingly committed by men against women, and the frequent lack of class consciousness of the part of these groups does not mean that it loses this sex-class character, or that its sex-class character can be ignored in favour of its race-class character. Which is also not to say that the racial issue here should be put aside – there is no question of which side we should be on here.

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