The leader of Hamas is Not a Nice Person

The Leader of Hamas has urged people all around the world to kill Jewish children.

I stand by what I’ve said before: the ideas and beliefs and utterances of a political group are less important than the objective role they play. Someone who dies is equally dead if their killers were spouting and/or believing liberal pieties as if they were spouting and/or believing racist bigotry.

Nevertheless, it’s important to face up to just how despicable some of the things that Hamas says are.

They are also very stupid, given that, as Red Bed-Head at Lenin’s Tomb documents, Jewish people are not overwhelmingly pro-Israel and often strongly oppose its government’s policies, as do many Israelis.

The rise in anti-Semitic attacks also shouldn’t be ignored. The goal of the left must aways be solidarity against oppression across all boundaries of race, religion, and nationality.

These facts don’t change the central issues and dynamics of Israel-Palestine, but they deserve to be mentioned.

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