Cruelty is not the Point

Feministe has an article about “crush porn”. That is, in order to sexually arouse viewers, you get someone, often a woman, often in high heels, to stand on small animals and listen to them squeal as they are slowly killed.

Hopefully you can already guess how I see this. The very fact that the issue of whether such snuff films can be banned without violating “free speech” has gone to various courts and judges to decide upon indicates how fucked up our society is.

The main thing that gets me is that this is all framed in a discourse around ‘cruelty’.

Cruelty is not the point. Talking about cruelty, or compassion, re-inforces the legitimacy of ‘humanely’ murdering or abusing animals when it is ‘necessary’.

If I rape someone, whether or not I slap them or rub chilli sauce on their eyes while doing it is not the main point.

If I own slaves, whether or not I deliberately and sadistically torment them is not the main point.

If I execute political opponents, whether or not I do it ‘humanely’ or painfully is not the main point.

Violating someone’s rights is the point. Killing and enslaving them is the point. As long as the structures of thought and institutions in which it is considered appropriate to enslave and kill animals persist, cruelty is an inevitable by-product, the froth on the stinking pond.

Animals do not deserve ‘compassion’ or ‘humaneness’ they deserve respect.

2 Responses to “Cruelty is not the Point”

  1. greenconsciousness Says:

    I answered you on my blog and we are also talking about it here:

    We want some cites to the court cases if you have any.

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