Elections not too far away, say Guinea Leaders

The new government of Guinea has received a visit from French politician, the first prominent Westerner to go there (he’s French because Guinea used to be a French colony).

Following this, the Coupers have said they will hold elections within a year, rather than within the 2 years they had been saying – which is still more than the 2 months the constitution prescribes, and the 6 months they promised at first.

Plus, the new head honcho, Camara, has promised not to stand in these elections.

Meanwhile, the heads of government of West Africa, in the economic group ‘ECOWAS’, are meeting to discuss whether to suspend Guinea. They also report having applied pressure for elections in 2009.

These things are promising, though hardly convincing – promising stuff is easy. “Foreign donors” are still unhappy, but I suspect that is largely to do with uncertainty over whether they’ll still get such good deals on Guinea’s bauxite and diamonds.

No huge changes, just keeping up to date.

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